Displays information about the SCSI cards installed on a specified computer. Displays a list of computers that have a specified amount of RAM (Total Physical Memory rounded to the nearest MB). Displays a summary of installed software ordered by the number of instances found from inventory. Displays a summary of the overall compliance of deployed configuration baselines in the hierarchy. Open Task Scheduler and create a new task. The following 10 reports are listed under the Replication Traffic category. You can track the status of the application deployment using the following query. A change in name is a possible symptom that a computer shares a Configuration Manager Unique Identifier with another computer. Displays a summary of the compliance of configuration items in a specified configuration baseline. Historical: View all software inventory for a specific machine. The following five reports are listed under the Hardware - Memory category. A required deployment will update deployment status by itself whenever the machine next runs its deployment evaluation cycle as defined in your client settings. Displays a list of IP subnets and subnet masks. He's bilingual in business and technology and have over 30 years of experience in selling enterprise technology solutions in a variety of industries. Displays a list of objects that failed to migrate during the last attempt. The report calls for a number of detailed inputs to run. Displays the number of computers that have accepted task sequences, but haven't run the task sequence. Intune as an extension of Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager - If you already use Configuration Manager to manage on-premises devices and are looking for a. You can customize the query as per your need. Displays executable files that users recently used on a specified computer. 1. Displays the distribution status for specified package content on each distribution point. This state prevents clients from installing the update, which prevents the deployment from achieving 100% compliance. The first scenario involves Configuration Manager and Intune co-managed Windows 10 devices and MSI and Win32 apps. Displays summary information about the physical disks on a specified computer. Goal-oriented professional offering over 11 years of experience in Windows Desktop Support, System Administration, Vendor Management & Troubleshooting<br> Proven skills in end-to-end management of IT operations from strategy to implementation involving requirement analysis, scheduling, tracking, system study, designing, testing & debugging<br> Visited the United Kingdom twice for . Displays the classes that have changed on a specified computer within a specified time period. Application management in Configuration Manager includes many built-in reports to monitor information about applications and deployments. Displays a summary of all instances of software installed and registered with Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features on computers within the specified collection. User name 4. Helps administrative users identify computers that need to have security logging turned on. Displays the history of the changes in compliance of a configuration baseline for the specified date range. The following five reports are listed under the Hardware - SCSI category. Click on the Execute button. Open the SQL Management Studio. Now on this page, you have to see which value you want against which row, same as in the Pivot table. Displays the number of computers that have collected software inventory for a specified file. 19th May 2020, 03:04 PM #4. To display Details list. Monitor application deployments by using the Monitoring workspace in the Configuration Manager console or by using reports. Audit messages describe actions taken in the Configuration Manager console that add, modify, or delete objects in Configuration Manager. Displays all status messages for a specified package on a specified distribution point. Displays the summary of health states for folder redirection and roaming user profiles. Configuration Manager displays multiple deployment results for that computer. Display a summary of all the files inventoried on a specified computer. Displays the number of computers discovered by Configuration Manager client version. Displays supported platforms for a specified driver. Up to three custom labels can be selected to refine a software title search. View details for products in your environment that have expired lifecycle dates. The following 11 reports are listed under the Task Sequence - Deployments category. Displays computers that share MAC address. When clicking on a number, you are sent to the Deployment - Application report. Displays a summary of the inventoried software products and their manufacturers on a specified computer. The following 19 reports are listed under the Site - Client Information category. Displays total replication traffic for all data for a specified number of days. View computers that have expired products on them. These errors include internal infrastructure issues, or errors resulting from invalid requirement rules. Displays a list of computers with a specified threat detected. Again, select the same dataset and click next. Deployment Summary Report. In this post, you will learn how to make a working Application Deployment SQL query to find the deployment status from your configuration manager (a.k.a ConfigMgr) database. . Displays the date and time inventory was last run on a specified computer. The following two tabs in the details pane are populated for the selected deployment: From the Deployments node, you can review deployment details for each compliance state and the resources in that state. Displays the number of computers inventoried by processor speed. The following four reports are listed under the Software Updates - E Troubleshooting category. There is a report that lists deployments for a specific collection but that's it. Displays all of the console users on a specified computer. This post is locked. Our team has decades of combined experience helping companies like yours in diverse industries to drive their digital transformations using Microsofts powerful solution set. Displays all applications and packages at a site. Displays the antimalware overall status and history. This is a part of SCCM inventory functionality. Displays summary information about the memory on a specified computer. Displays a list of computers that were unknown at the time they ran a task sequence deployment, and whether they're now known computers. The following three reports are listed under the Hardware - Network Adapter category. Displays mobile devices that recently enrolled with Configuration Manager and successfully assigned to a site. Displays the list of threats found for a specified user account. Using a SQL query, you can find SCCM application deployment details with following steps: Launch the SQL Server Management studio (SSMS) and connect to database engine. The following 11 reports are listed under the Task Sequence - Deployment Status category. (starting in version 1806). Displays all computers in this collection that have the specified custom-labeled software title installed. This report shows the contents of the specified migration job. Displays the driver catalog matching report for a specified computer. Select Run whether user is logged on or not. Aug 2020 - Present2 years 7 months. The following three reports are listed under the Hardware - Modem category. Displays users and the count of computers on which they're the primary user. Displays information about application content that was deployed to a specified distribution point group. Displays client device information that is needed for Windows Autopilot registration. Displays the number of failures in each phase or group of the specified task sequence deployment. Displays a list of the status messages created in the last hour by a specified component on a specified computer at a specified site. Displays task sequence deployments that install a specified application. Then select More Details on the right side of the window. Displays drivers that failed to install on a specified computer. Note: To troubleshoot Application Model issues at the client end, follow the Deep Dive Application Model Troubleshooting client end link. Displays the progress of all deployments for the specified task sequence. The following four reports are listed under the User Data and Profiles Health category. Displays installed software configured to automatically run on a specified computer. KACE Cloud, now with third-party application patching, has transformed endpoint management with . Save it and create a matrix as in my previous post to get the Raw Data. Go to Software Library > Overview > Application Management > Application Groups. Is there a way to extract a report of an application deployment. The clients return the state during the last compliance scan. This report lists all computers with a specified Windows app. Displays a list of common causes that prevented computers from sleeping or hibernating. The following eight reports are listed under the Hardware - Disk category. Displays content that is referenced by a specified task sequence. As well as giving an overview of the current deployment status, it gives the details of all machines Displays total global data replication traffic on a specified link for a specified number of days. I used different KPIs to measure update compliance and the report combines all that into one dashboard. The following five reports are listed under the Hardware - General category. Deployment - Application: Detailed list of your machines and their status for specific application deployment. Displays all user device associations for the specified collection, and groups the results by collection type (for example, user or device). It also includes a count of users that most recently used the program. If a collection member has a deployment on a different collection you are out of luck. Displays the number of hard disks inventoried by disk capacity. Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Lets find out the ConfigMgr or SCCM Application Deployment Status using Custom Report, SQL query, and report builder. Historical: Displays an overview of the health of your Configuration Manager infrastructure. For now, all the required functions are within this script. It also shows the number of days since the site discovered the computer. Displays the count and percentage of computers in each compliance state for the specified software update. Displays all mobile devices with the specified amount of free removable memory. Displays a list of computers that the site hasn't recently inventoried. Possesses strong understanding of multiple OS platforms and deployments. Displays information about users that have apps installed that aren't compliant with a policy you specified. Displays the applications for which associated content files haven't been updated with the latest version on a specified distribution point group. Status messages, by contrast, work to help administrators track the flow of data through various SCCM components. Click on Client apps Apps Add. Configuration Manager supplies many built-in reports covering many of the reporting tasks that you might want to do. Now click on the arrow next to Computer_Name and select count. Displays the number of modems inventoried for each modem manufacturer. Displays summary information about the logical disks on a specified computer. Displays a summary of states for a specified software update targeted by a specified deployment. Displays detailed information about deployment success for mobile devices that are managed by the Configuration Manager client for Windows CE. To display more detailed information about the deployment types, use the Application Infrastructure Errors report. Displays information about all the issues reported by clients. Historical: A summary of software distribution for a specific advertisement and machine. The reports appear in various categories. Displays the number of server component error status messages in the last 12 hours. Displays the name of the content that was rejected by a peer source. WIP Troubleshooting Checklist - Check Work Account Info to confirm if device. Refer to the following documentation to understand the basic. The following three reports are listed under the Site - General category. Software Deployment Tools: SCCM vs Intune vs GPO vs More. Displays a list of computers that have a processor of a specified speed. Reporting on application deployment is possible within SCCM by accessing Software Distribution - Application Monitoring but the process is complex. Displays detailed information for clients that have successfully deployed. Displays errors received while sending wake-up packets to computers for a defined period. US Job Description Firm Information Reed Smith is a global relationship law firm with more than 1,700 lawyers in 30 offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Displays the number of failures in each phase or group of the specified task sequence. Displays a summary of the most recent 1000 status messages for a specified server component.
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